Co-Lead Principal


Kia ora. I have been Principal at Renwick School since 2008. Prior to that I was Principal at Fairhall School for 14 years. I began my teaching career in Marlborough and have taught in South Canterbury and Canterbury. I am currently a board member on the Education Council Aoteaora New Zealand, a member of the Teacher Disciplinary Tribunal, a member of the Ministry Reference Group for Kahui Ako, and a Judge for the 2018 Prime Ministers Education Excellence Awards. I am passionate about our Marlborough kids achieving their potential educationally.


Co-Lead Principal


Kia ora, I have been principal at Witherlea School since 1990, retiring at the end of 2017.  I have led many education initiatives across Marlborough during my time as principal.  Project ICT, Gifted and Talented Education, Education Expo, ITC Professional Development to name a few.  I am committed to supporting our principals and teachers in developing high levels of collaborative practice to enhance outcomes for our Marlborough kids.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Kia ora.  My name is Cathee Wilks and  it is a privilege to be working on the Kāhui Ako Across School Team . I am Assistant Principal at Springlands School and currently lead the Year 0-2 Team. I am a passionate teacher and educational leader who is excited about seeing students meet their potential.  I gained further expertise from the Maths Specialist Teacher programme through Massey University. The professional development and learning opportunities  were inspiring and  have challenged  and  grown my  pedagogical beliefs.  I  feel privileged  in my role and  value  building productive relationships where everyone is empowered to learn with and from each other.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Kia ora koutou

My name is Claire Hutchison and I have been involved in primary education for thirty plus years. I have spent most of my teaching career at Springlands School teaching anywhere from New Entrants to Year 6. I have been an Assistant Principal for the last ten years. During this time I have developed an in-depth understanding of Literacy with a focus on writing and leadership capabilities.  I work across our school, supporting and mentoring teachers and learners in their literacy programmes.  As an Across School Lead it has been exciting to be part of  the changes that are being made across our community of learners and I look forward to collaborating together to make a difference.


Across-School Lead Teacher


I have been a teacher at Marlborough Girls’ College for the past nine years now.  I teach Physical Education, Health and Mathematics.  Over the years I have taken on various roles:  Year Level Dean, Assistant Head of Department and Specialist Classroom Teacher.  Outside of school I enjoy playing golf and tennis, running, snowboarding and tramping.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Andrea Hutchings has spent all of her working life dedicated to education. She is committed to lifelong learning and her qualifications include Masters in Teaching and Learning, and Masters in Education. She is also a qualified Educational Psychologist. Currently she is working with the RTLB service as a Practice Leader.

She joined the Piritahi, CoL in 2017 where she works with the Across School Leads and supports the collaborative work of the Kahui Ako in raising achievement for the all learners.



Stewardship Trustee: Contributing




Expert Partner

Helen Timperley is Professor Emeritus of Education at The University of Auckland. Her extensive research experience has focused on how to promote professional and leadership learning in schools in ways that make a different to outcomes for those student learners who are currently underserved by the system. She has worked extensively with educators in New Zealand and internationally, with most of this work focusing on school and system change, professional conversations with impact and evaluative thinking in educational innovation.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Kia ora koutou

Ko Dona Ferrier-Ferguson ahau. For the past 22 years I have worked as the Deputy Principal at Springlands School in a wide variety of exciting  roles. I very much enjoy the challenges that my work brings with in my own school on a daily basis, teaching new entrants through to our year 6’s, and having the opportunity to be at the cutting-edge a number of innovative curriculum and school improvement projects which means my role is a continuously stimulating and evolving. Over the past two years I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work as an Across School Lead, which has added a new dimension to my thirst for learning. I say privileged, as having the opportunity to feel trusted to work with our With In School Leads, and to be welcomed into our local schools, is an absolute pleasure, and opportunity to connect and share the professional expertise of this region.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Kia ora, my name is Angela Parsons and it is a privilege to be working with the Piritahi Kāhui Ako Across School Team.  I am an enthusiastic teacher, learner and leader currently working at Redwoodtown School. I am impassioned about improving the learning outcomes for Maori and Pasifika, which links strongly with our work related to Poutama Pounamu. I have been able to study and learn more about building culturally responsive practices to improve learning for Maori and Pasifika and l look forward to developing this work in collaboration with the community to ensure that all learners have equal opportunity to reach their potential.


Across-School Lead Teacher


Peter Kehayioff is a New Zealand born educator currently working as an English Teacher at Marlborough Boys College. He has a wide and deep experience in Primary, Secondary and Teacher training and mentoring within culturally diverse settings in NZ and overseas. Peter provides leadership in Literacy and Numeracy development and in establishing effective Communities of Learning.


Across-School Lead Teacher

He kaiarahi ahau nga whare Kohungahunga nga mai Wairau ki Waitohi. I am Senior teacher for the Marlborough Kindergarten Association. I have been involved in Kindergarten first as a teacher, then head teacher. In my role I work alongside teachers in the MKA to ensure environments and pedagogies are conducive to learning and development, ensuring that children have the  knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions to continue their learning journey at school.  MKA’s involvement in Piritahi supports this by Kindergartens and schools working together to support children’s learning continuity as they make this critical transition to school.



Stewardship Trustee: Secondary




Stewardship Trustee: Full primary




Expert Partner

Anne is an experienced educator and researcher with a passion for achieving equity and excellence in educational outcomes for diverse groups of learners. Her work builds on national and international studies that investigate collaborative processes needed to develop relational trust and evaluative thinking for cohesive, innovative and resilient learning communities.

Within School Leads

Erin Cosford: Blenheim School

Nicky Cameron-Dunn: Bohally Intermediate

Bronwyn Haddon-Jones: Bohally Intermediate

Helen Marshall: Fairhall School

Mel Hewer: Grovetown School

Dave Hickin: Mayfield School

Trish Weaver: Rapaura School

Tracey Currie: Redwoodtown School

Emma Hebberd: Redwoodtown School

Daina Crosbie: Witherlea School

Jemma Herdman: Witherlea School

Barb Keane: Tuamarina School

Ben Christian: Marlborough Boys College

Christine Ward: Marlborough Boys College

Leah Fisher: Marlborough Boys College

Jennifer Campbell: Marlborough Boys College

Julie McLeod: Marlborough Boys College

Rachael Climo: Marlborough Boys College

Barbara Jeffcott: Marlborough Girls College

Lindsay Burrows: Marlborough Girls College

Di Austin: Marlborough Girls College

Sharon Henderson: Marlborough Girls College

Karen Tattersall: Marlborough Girls College

Janine Sorenson: Marlborough Girls College

Michelle MacGibbon: Renwick School

Kathryn Martin: Renwick School

Francesca Crossley: Richmond View School

Jane McLaughlan: Riverlands School

Wendy Nurse: Riverlands School

Leigh McKendry: Seddon School

Chris Morris: Springlands School

Craig Sedgwick: Springlands School

Deidre Turner: Spring Creek School

Lousie Lee: St Mary's School

Robyn Anderson: Whitney Street School

Simone Silcock-Kent: Whitney Street School


Across-School Lead Teacher

Kia ora.  My name is Daina Crosbie and I feel very privileged to be working on the Kāhui Ako Across School Team . I began my Journey in Piritahi as a Within School Lead since the beginning of the Kahui Ako being formed.  It excites me seeing the development within the teachers and children across the region. I am a passionate year 6 Teacher at Witherlea School and currently lead the Year 5-6 Team. I am a lover of learning and always like to gain the necessary knowledge in order to allow children the opportunity to thrive and meet their potential . I enjoy the challenges that my work brings and value the learning that accompanies it. Outside of school I love touch rugby, CrossFit, writing, reading and spending time with loved ones.

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